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Shower purifier in uae for hair loss treatment

Our Shower Purifier

PBA 0405 Model

This model is vertically shaped and blends into your bathroom as if it was part of the furniture. It does not scratch easily or lose colour. We have coated this with a high quality sanitary blend that maintains its sharpness in look and style.

Shower filter in uae for hair loss treatment

Our Replacement Shower Filter

In-line Filter for PBA 0405

This is the replacement filter cartridge for model PBA 0405. The replacement filter lasts up to 6 months based on 2 everage length showers a day. Replacing the filter is quick and easy and requires no special tools.


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Avoid Hair Loss

avoid hairloss with h20 pure blue Shower filter and purifier in uae

According to the national news paper 40% of us have experienced hair loss in the UAE, the main culprit being the tap water. H2O Pure Blue Shower Purifier can be considered as one of the most effective hair loss treatment methods today, by removing 98% of the chlorine from your tap water. Our shower purifier helps you to improve your hair & skin condition significantly.

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